What I will Learn

Whether you're just starting out or revisiting your language after some time out, JabbaJabba session content is tailored to you.

When booking a session, we ask you for a self-assessment of your current level on a 1-10 scale.

This helps our Language Gurus pitch their content at the right level.

You then have three options for what you want to focus on:

1. You tell us

It’s 100% up to you – you decide what you can focus on in the session.

Here are some examples of what you might say:

“I have had a few French lessons after a gap of 10 years since school, so I'm quite rusty! I'm particularly interested in learning how to talk about myself and practical discussions I can use when I travel to France.”

“I have studied Spanish up to degree level (graduated 4 years ago) and have been using it day to day in my current job (writing mainly) but I would like to increase my confidence and skills (and vocab) in speaking and listening as I am planning on moving to Spain this year.”

2. Guided conversation

If you're a bit more advanced, this might work for you (N.B. If you don't specify a topic, your Language Guru will prepare for a Guided conversation).

Your trainer will prepare for a free-flowing albeit structured dialogue, pitched to your level.

Don’t be misled by the title – you’ll get a lot out of this since you’ll be forced to think on your feet.

Free flowing conversation is a great way of identifying where the gaps in your knowledge are. You reach to express yourself, only to realize you can’t in the way you wanted to; then we step in.

3. Scenario-based

Choose a topic (e.g. "Hobbies", “Workplace”) and a scenario (things like “networking event” or “meeting the in-laws”) and a pre-prepared dialogue, will display, complete with key vocab, grammar and recordings.

This is still in development. Drop us a line if you’d like us to notify you when it’s all ready.