What I will Learn

Whether you're just starting out or revisiting your language after some time out, JabbaJabba session content is tailored to you.

You then have three options for what you want to focus on:

1. Guided Conversation

Your trainer will prepare for a structured but free-flowing dialogue, pitched to your level.

Don’t be misled by the title – you’ll get a lot out of this since you’ll be forced to think on your feet.

Free flowing conversation is a great way of identifying where the gaps in your knowledge are.

2. Specific Focus

It’s 100% up to you – you decide what you can focus on in the session.

Here are some examples of what you might say:

“I have had a few French lessons after a gap of 10 years since school, so I'm quite rusty! I'm particularly interested in learning how to talk about myself and practical discussions I can use when I travel to France.”

“I have studied Spanish up to degree level (graduated 4 years ago) and have been using it day to day in my current job (writing mainly) but I would like to increase my confidence and skills (and vocab) in speaking and listening as I am planning on moving to Spain this year.”

3. JabbaJabba Syllabus

For those who want even more structure. Choose a scenario, topic or theme and our Gurus will prepare a structured session based on the subject matter chosen.

You will be able to focus specifically on grammar and vocabulary linked specifically to the chosen topic.

We are constantly growing our range of materials – if you would like an additional scenario, topic or theme, please let us know at talk@jabbajabba.com.