No love lost in learning French: 7 untranslatable French words

Miranda Lee

Miranda Lee

Hi, I'm Miranda! I studied French and Spanish at university and have spent time working in both France and South America. I spent last summer road-tripping Europe on a vintage double decker bus, to meet and film native speakers all over the continent! My next big language challenge is to learn Mandarin.
Miranda Lee

It has often been said that language is the best reflection of a nation’s culture; the most authentic insight into its people’s mindset and weird and wonderful ways of life. Not too surprising when you think about it, given that language has been the one constant over years and years’ worth of changing history, politics, art, geography – the list goes on.. Each individual language is full of clues and pointers as to how its native speakers really think…

So let’s start with our closest European neighbours, the French! We all know the clichés: romantics at heart, lovers of fine food and wine, effortlessly stylish, very proud of their nationality, and let’s face it, perhaps a tad cold and unfriendly??

We’ve picked out 7 unique and untranslatable French words, to see how they might give us a tip or two about our friends across the pond…

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